S's Top 20 Picks of 2023

Hip Young Gunslinger’s head honcho, S, picks his favourite tracks & albums of 2023.

Top 20 Tracks

Song Artist
1.  You don’t even know who I am underscores
2.  Notre Dame Made out of Flesh UNIVERSITY
3.  Los Angeles Lol Tolhurst & Jacknife Lee & Budgie Feat. James Murphy
4.  Barley Water From Your Eyes
5.  It Must Change ANOHNI
6.  It’s Just a Bit of Blood bdrmm
7.  Good Girl Jockstrap
8.  Census Designated Jane Remover
9.  Exposed to Some Light Nightbus
10. The World’s Biggest Paving Slab English Teacher
11. Joy (Guilt) dust
12. Days Move Slow Bully
13. Ruby on the Run Oracle Sisters
14. Pod Snõõper
15. Dancer IDLES
16. Parasite Coach Party
17. Killing Bee yunè pinku
18. Thump Benefits
19. I Play My Bass Loud Gina Birch
20. Kisses Slowdive

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Top 20 Albums

Album Artist
1.  Everyone’s Crushed Water From Your Eyes
2.  Rat Saw God Wednesday
3.  Thank God We Left The Garden Jeffrey Martin
4.  Girl with Fish feeble little horse
5.  I Inside the Old Year Dying PJ Harvey
6.  My Back Was a Bridge For You To Cross ANOHNI
7.  MID AIR Paris Texas
8.  the record boygenius
9.  Love In Exile Arooj Aftab, Vijay Iyer & Shahzad Ismaily
10. Wallsocket underscores
11. I Don’t Know bdrmm
12. A Living Commodity Egyptian Blue
13. Dead Meat The Tubs
14. The Girl Is Crying In Her Latte Sparks
15. Jarak Qaribak Dudu Tassa & Jonny Greenwood
16. Dance Till All the Stars Come Down The Lilac Time
17. Goodbye, Hotel Arkada Mary Lattimore
18. First Two Pages of Frankenstein The National
19. Space Heavy King Krule
20. The Ballad Of Darren Blur


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